A girl's best friend

In our brick and mortar shop, front and center on our repurposed wood counter, is an antique glass top box full of glittering gems. Here, an ever-changing mix of wonderful vintage gems, represent many an era gone by. One thing they all have in common, is the nostalgia for the past that most admirers mention as they browse. The intricate designs and timeless beauty represented in the glittering jewels inspire us to look back most longingly at the past! Maybe it’s the speed with which our technology driven lives are propelling us that contributes to our deep appreciation for the unique beauty of these lovely old pieces. With jewelry and fashions being pumped out in massive quantities, we often find ourselves longing for the craftsmanship and quality offered in a vintage piece. And so, as I watch my favorite pieces catch an eye, then capture a heart, and eventually wrap them up and send them off to a new home, I feel grateful for the second chance these items of beauty will have to be cherished by a whole new generation of vintage lovers.